Van Goghing Gregg: Recovery Toward Love

Honorable Mention
2018 Los Angeles Book Festival

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Gregg K. Jann

A hero by Man and Policy, Author Gregg K. Jann submitted his contest application as fire was raging toward downtown in the North Bay Fire Strike of October 2017. Stopping the fires at the school district boundaries where he served election 10 years prior in community safety and non-violence Character Education helped spur his next Truth to Origin book.

VGG starts in Chapter One with details of stopping a murder cult while a high school sophomore opening up San Francisco’s shoreline at Pt Reyes.
WE read of a philosopher and a cover up by business and government hiding a great unknown man who made history, at leas t locally to Nor Cal.
VGG ends with a more psychology and a tribute to his departed mother, who passed away as author Gregg was writing this book.