Three Movements for Six Hands

Honorable mention
2015 Paris Book Festival

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Author: Terry Row

At nineteen years, Johannes Brahmswas a beautiful youth with delicate hands andslender fingers that belied their strength, a
clear tenor singing voice, a smooth, beardlessface and a slight build. Women swooned over hisrich and beautiful head of golden blond hair thatflowed down to his shoulders and framed his paleblue eyes, giving him an aura of innocence.
Although he was not a tall boy, he stood straightand upright, and looked people in the eye when hetalked, giving him an air of authority.
Clara Schumann’s hazel eyes shined brightly indirect opposition to the dark circles below them. Her wide mouth radiated an air of sensuality and her high cheekbones gave her confidence and competence Brahms had never seen in a woman before, and yet he was reminded of his mother, a younger version, as he remembered her from his youth. It seemed clear somehow that this woman had borne children, although he could not say why he thought that. Perhaps a fullness of the hips or her supreme confidence. At the same time, because of her directness, she reminded him of the womenhe had known by the docks of Hamburg.