Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards

Honorable Mention,
2014 New York Book Festival

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Author: Dianna M. Young with Robert H. Mottram

This award-winning book explains how dogs and people think differently because they re wired to think differently. Dogs cannot learn to think like people, however, so we must learn to think like dogs. In many U.S. households, canines are held in such high regard that they re considered a part of the family. Nevertheless, there are significant differences between people and dogs, and we must adapt our own behavior to bridge the gap. Think like your Dog takes you through every important step in opening your life to the joy of canine companionship, from choosing a companion dog wisely to preparing your home for your dog s arrival, to bringing your new puppy or new adult dog home for the first time. It walks you through socialization and training, from basic through advanced, discusses common mistakes with dogs and how to avoid them, and tells how to solve problems with difficult dogs. This is boots-on-the-ground information from a trainer with decades of successful experience. Think Like Your Dog tells you what works, why it works, and how to make it work for you.