The Whispering of Trees

Honorable Mention
2016 Paris Book Festival

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Author: C.Y. Bourgeois

Aggie Ksisak longs to be a normal teenager, but her coming of age includes a legacy as the most powerful Inupiat Eskimo shaman in history. She embraces her heritage until a powerful demon spirit invades her dreams, threatening to destroy her and everyone she loves.
Despite her overwhelming fear, she soon realizesshe cannot reject her calling and with help from her spirit guide, a sassy bowhead whale, her cat,and her mentor, the great shaman, Mr. Billy, she embraces her destiny.
Then her family falters, a close friend turns onher, and the demon reappears. Her faith is tested, but she presses on until soon after hersixteenth birthday when an unspeakable act of violence shatters her world.
Filled with self-loathing and poised on the brinkof death, the young shaman must dig deep to embrace her powerful birthright and reclaim hermagic. But, even if she succeeds, will it be enough to save her?