The Old Gun – Finding Sundance

Honorable Mention
2015 Los Angeles Book Festival

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Author:Randal Benjamin

Thirteen years after he and Butch Cassidy were supposedly killed, Sundance is alive and living on an Oklahoma ranch with his wife, son
and daughter. It is 1921 and oil production in Oklahoma is on the rise. A New York gangster turned oil baron has moved in with hired gunmen to force the local ranchers off of their land.
Sundance has been living furtively, endeavoring to make a new life for himself and to leave the mistakes of his past behind. Now with this new threat, he must decide whether to fight the invaders, possibly exposing his true identity, or give in to the bullying of a gang of thugs and lose his home along with the new life he has
In flashbacks, this novel also covers the early years of the infamous duo from the Wild American West to Argentina and Bolivia.