The Baby-Eater

2023 Los Angeles Book Festival

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Chad Robert Morgan

In the Philippines, there are
shape-shifting creatures known as aswang. Among
them, none are more feared than the manananggal, a
vile creature that rips itself in half as it takes
to the night to hunt for its favorite prey – the
unborn. To Alexander, his family on his mother’s
side were strangers, the country they lived in
just a spot on the map, and their beliefs nothing
more than superstitions and folklore. While
accompanying his mother on her trip home after the
death of his chronically-ill father, however,
Alexander is shown a world larger than he could
have ever guessed, one both as enriching as it
could be deadly. To keep his family safe,
Alexander must risk his life to fight off an
undead infant, make alliances with witches, and
battle with the most dangerous creature of all –
The Baby-Eater