Honorable Mention,
2014 Southern California Book Festival

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Author: MJ Mancini

Murder, intrigue, betrayal, and the holy church are twisted together in this spiralling epic to save the most important person in modern history. In a high-stakes chase throughout Europe, intertwined with centuries old secrets, ancient societies and modern day peril, a father is forced to protect his daughter from the Cavalieri di Satana – a powerful 2000-year-old cult of devil worshipers who believe she is the holy vessel Jesus Christ will use to walk the earth again.

Michael Raphael finds his sanity in question when his estranged daughter is abducted for use in a satanic ritual to prevent the Second Coming of Christ. During a bizarre, plot-twisting plunge into ancient myths, secret societies and modern day peril, Michael is guided by Nicholas Nevsky, a religious theologian living deep in the mountains of Bulgaria, who hides some secrets of his own.
Thrust into a world few realize exist, Michael is forced to face his mysterious past while enduring the vile underbelly of the darkest side of human existence. “Revelation” is the first in a trilogy of novels written by one of the most identifiable and creative authors of our time. MJ Mancini has taken an age-old tale and crafted it into a modern thriller sure to titillate and satisfy.