Marky the Magnificent Fairy

Honorable Mention
2023 Southern California Book Festival

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Cynthia Kern OBrien

Marky the Magnificent Fairy is
written with the intent of eliciting back and
forth discussions with children at home or in the
classroom. I had many conversations with both
children and adults while creating this book. I am
grateful that they were kind enough to share with
me their personal stories of bullying, fear,
anxiety, insecurities, and handicaps both visible
and invisible. The stories were wide-ranging –
however the lasting after effect was the same. But
they also shared the kindness shown to them along
the way of help, encouragement, support, and love.
These were the most profound, healing, and
precious memories long held on to.

This book is about diversity, inclusion, bullying,
disabilities, kindness, believing in yourself,
self-love, confidence, acceptance, positivity, and
compassion. No matter what age you are.