Hello! Is Anybody There?

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2015 Green Book Festival

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Author: Shweta Ravi Shankar

For those who think the apple is anordinary fruit, Red Delicious begs to differ.
As if the challenges of fierce competition in thefruit bazaar and making another attempt to dethrone the mango from the king’s position arenot daunting enough, Red Delicious’ mind is constantly boggled by this strange creation that he calls ‘more complicated than a mosquito coil’ -a human being.
Red Delicious soon sets out on a formidableadventure, along with friends Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Cox O’ Pippin and they realize they’ve got a lot more on their hands than they’ve bargained for.
In an autobiographical account, Red Delicious, an irresistible and intelligent apple, reveals how he is destined to do much more besides just being luscious, juicy and red.