Forbidden Child

Honorable Mention,
2014 Hollywood Book Festival

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Author: James Aiello

Sensational and compelling! Forbidden Child grabs a hold of your mind and heart and
won’t let go. Forbidden Child catapults readers into the twenty-first century with a powerful look at some of the most sensational events of our time. Energetic and fast paced, Forbidden Child takes readers behind the scenes to rub shoulders with the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. Witness secret deals with Mafioso kingpins. Make world shaking decisions in the executive board rooms of the Fortune Five Hundred.
Sleep in the boudoirs of powerful rulers and wield power in the Oval Office of the White House. Never a dull moment, always an exciting adventure! Sex, money, crime, politics, all these and more combine to make Forbidden Child one of the most exciting and provocative novels of our time. Christina Powers, beautiful, talented, rich and well connected, has it all together. Until she falls in love, threatening to turn her back on her wealth, her fame and her controlling Mafioso uncle who made it all possible. Will she discover the
identity of her real parents and fulfill her destiny?