Einstein in the Attic

Honorable Mention
2022 San Francisco Book Festival

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Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

Set against the backdrop of the war
between science and God, reason and faith,
Einstein in the Attic is the story of one
scientist’s search for truth and meaning when
faced with the ultimate question: Is there a God?
Fleeing war-torn Lebanon, Adam Reemi’s faith is
shaken by the hardships he has endured, but when
he and a colleague successfully construct a nano
hadron collider, and using sound waves, Adam finds
unheard-of power at his fingertips. To help him
answer the greatest question mankind has ever
posed, he zaps the best philosophical minds of all
time–namely Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Soren
Kierkegaard, and Baruch Spinoza–from the past
and into his attic. Not all goes according to
plan, however, and Adam finds himself in a race
against time to formulate an answer to the
question of intelligent design… or risk losing