Buried But Never Forgotten

Honorable Mention
2021 Los Angeles Book Festival

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Elisa Chastaine

Life can take a dramatic turn without warning. Just when everything is working out for the best, it can all be swept away. Sometimes quite literally. Lina, know as E to a select few, and her beloved Daniel are hiking in a majestic slot canyon when an unexpected flash flood changes their lives forever. E is swept away by the raging waters, only to be swallowed up in an ancient spillway from a long-lost civilization. Trapped in the depths of the earth, it is up to her to overcome the insurmountable odds and make it out alive or give in to fear and perish. In the silent darkness, E is forced to come to terms with who she is, her purpose on earth and the true nature of God. What ensues is an epic journey both in and out of her body. She stumbles upon ancient ruins, encounters wildly unfamiliar species, discovers ancient treasures and finally, stumbles upon an underground civilization that might be too good to be true. Finding both friend and foe on her way to freedom, E’s understanding of everything will be changed, as will her life.