Bettering the World

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2018 Hollywood Book Festival

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Gregg K. Jann

Gregg K. Jann writes of his strong willed resolve to end the Cold War during his military draft age of 20 years, for Abstinence Education affecting public, and for Civic Engagement. Mr. Jann also extended union labor rights to mentally disabled workers herein at his work for a non-profit agency, and advocated over 4 years in a Character Ed goal for his election on a school board in helping his state and Federal Constitutional peace plans. (The Honorable Gregg K. Jann created main parts of CA’s MHSA(Prop 63) passed by voters in Fall 2004)

We read essays of editorials and his sales methodology, one taken personally that is too close a likeness to The 40 Year Old Virgin movie
for stolen credits. (Gregg borrowed brother’s computer), and author emailed this book essay to a mental health journal dated accurately inside.