The Goddess of Second Chances

Honorable Mention
2023 Hollywood Book Festival

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Kennedy Sangiovese

Goddess is your average high school aged girl except for one inconvenient truth – she was born a biological boy! It’s the last days of
summer before Senior year and she’s still living a lie as a dull boy named Sandy working in a grocery, dreaming what it would be like returning to senior year as a girl.

Sandy’s been pilfering estrogen from his mom’s cabinet since she was ten and it’s starting to show! It’s time she did something – there has to be more to life than this and it is worth everything to find out but she will need the help of experts – her friends Lena and Vera. She overhears their plans to go to a club tonight and musters up the courage to ask them to dress her up as their girlfriend and take her – perhaps the gods will favor her!

Trans girls, hot male and female romantic multicultural love sequences, goddesses, ghosts, maniacal prophesy obsessed evangelicals and Roman emperors cross paths in a senior high school somewhere in a desert town – what’s not to like?