Rise of the Warrior Leader

2023 London Book Festival

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Claudio Chiste

In the minefield of leadership literature available today, this book provides clarity, adding fresh and unique insights to
critical leadership skills. The author draws upon his own unique experience from an unforgiving environment, forged from his military and international corporate background.

This book is for you if you:
• Want to be an effective leader.
• Are willing to transform into the change you wish to see.
• Are committed to improving the lives of those you lead.

If this sounds like you and are willing to do what it takes, you are invited to take an inner journey of self-development. Self-reflection is critical for self-development. In the process this improves your personal and professional life, discovering practical tools to:

Increase mental resilience – These unpredictable times place more demands on people mentally, emotionally, spiritually and possibly even physically. This is the ‘new norm’ for which mental resilience is essential.

Build a sense of trust and safety – Unlike mainstream leadership literature which tends to focus mainly on the vision of the leader, this book also focuses on the leader’s ability to build trust and provide a sense of ‘safety’ by ‘holding the space’ in these times of VUCA.

Inspire Ownership – The Selfless Leader sees the Collective as fellow stakeholders. In times of crisis, ‘self-preservation’ becomes ‘collective preservation’, seeing the people as an extension of oneself. This enables a sense of Ownership for you to:

Own who you are. Own the mission. Own the result.