Honorable Mention,
2014 San Francisco Book Festival

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Author: Brian Courrejou

NO BEES PLEASE! tells the tale of Antoine, a well-to-do ant who lives all alone in the fanciest ant hill around. Antoine has everything he could ever want…except for someone to share it with. So, he announces that he has a spare room for rent and immediately, bugs from all parts come running, crawling, and jumping for a chance to be his new roommate! There’s just one problem: Antoine has a strong fear of bees that began when he was just a baby bug…and now, he dislikes them all. He makes it very clear that while most bugs are welcome, he prefers NO BEES PLEASE! However, as bug after bug arrives, Antoine comes to the realization that none of them are truly what they seem and that a bee may be exactly what he needs.