Nerve: a novel

Honorable mention
2015 Beach Book Festival

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Author: S. R. Skelton

Jesse fantasizes about living the romantic, beat life. He wants to travel the world and feel the wind of real adventure on his face. When he meets Maya, raised by nomadic hippies, he thinks he’s
found a lifeboat to carry him from the dull to the sublime. He is thrilled when Maya reveals a secret from her past that compels them to hitchhike across the country together.

Meanwhile, Jean is a mother navigating her own path through the work-family balance. When her tenuous relationship with her daughter is threatened, she has to confront some harsh truths about motherhood, truths she wants desperately to ignore.

In the time that it takes to cross through the many gorgeous vistas of America, both Jesse and Jean have to come to terms with their self-doubts and fears. They have to learn to see reality through their illusions. If they don’t, they will destroy Maya.

Brimming with insight, humor, and generosity of spirit, Nerve, tells a poignant yet unsentimental story about finding yourself and the place where you belong.