Love Snaggs – A Little Dog’s Courageous Journey

Honorable Mention
2022 New York Book Festival

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Melanie Joy Mezzancello

Meet Snaggs, the yorkie mix. After
his life on Earth is done, Snaggs crosses the
Rainbow Bridge and wakes up in Summerland – the
place our beloved pets and other animals go to
after they die. Snaggs is determined to find a way
back home to his family.

He courageously leaves the safety of the idyllic
Garden of Souls and embarks on a fantastical
journey in his quest to Spire Mountain where he
seeks Shaman the old ram who, according to legend,
can help Snaggs rejoin his family back on Earth.
Along the way he forges friendships with other
animals, such as a ring-tailed lemur, a mountain
lion and a giant pterodactyl. Getting back
requires a dangerous trek to the kingdom of the
dragons, where unbeknownst to Snaggs and his
diverse band of allies, there is a revolution
brewing and a prophecy that is about to come full