Facing Off

Honorable Mention
2021 New York Book Festival

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Tanya Ross

A rising revolution. Renegades on the
run. Relationships transformed.

The Tranquility teens return from their justice-seeking trip to The Outside to deliver a brewing revolution to Serpio Magnus’s doorstep.
But when Tranquility’s Magistrate goes on the hunt for them, it sends them scattering into the wind in a desperate attempt to survive.
As Ember battles her way back to find the others, her nightmares urge her to discover the final, staggering truth about her mother, and she must embark on a dangerous quest. Her relationship with
her adoring boyfriend compromised by betrayal, she turns to an unlikely companion to forge a new confidence in herself and in her unique superpowers.
Left with impossible odds, the risky actions each one takes will change everything. Will their spark of rebellion grow into a blaze of self-destruction?
Gripping Dystopian adventure laced with hot romance continues with Facing Off, the highly anticipated sequel in the Tranquility Series!