Crow and a Red Feather

Honorable Mention
2022 Los Angeles Book Festival

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Chellie Kew

Imagine being in a world where the
stars in the night sky are as an upside-down bowl
spanning from horizon to horizon, and you are at
the center, in your crushed jeep. Alone.

Crow and a Red Feather is a story about survival,
love, and courage, and about beating the odds.
Written in a style that is both lyrical and

As it opens, an African crow looks down on this
scene in the Namibian desert. Readers can smell
and taste the blood and gasoline, and feel an
overwhelming thirst as a woman staggers out into
the desert with a concussion and broken ribs. She
is befriended by the trickster crow, and by an old
gray-coated, yellow toothed baboon – a friend that
she believes will offer up his life if a predator
comes to take her down.

Woven into this beautiful and true parable are
life’s lessons learned under the most
life-threatening, heartbreaking and poignant
situations. It inspires you, and will change the
way you look at your own life.