Chronicles of the Enchanted Vanguard

2023 Halloween Book Festival

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Goh Jin Yuh

In a world plagued by environmental crises, a diverse team led by Seraphina embarked on a heroic quest for peace. Their journey spanned
various terrains, from ruined cities to mystical forests and volcanic islands. Along the way, they grappled with personal conflicts, emphasizing friendship, valor, sacrifice, and hope as essential values. As the battle between light and darkness escalated, internal struggles emerged.
The team confronted the complexities of human nature while resisting the allure of evil. Through heart-pounding battles and unwavering
determination, they defended justice and unity against the looming threats. Victory was not the end; more challenges lay ahead. Despite the
relentless darkness, they persevered, forging a brighter future founded on peace and hope, transcending the forces of evil